Joe Holdsworth

One of the fundamental creative figures for Thirteen Broomsticks is the lodestar Joe Holdsworth. Combining the rare ability to interpret the exact vision of the author as well as bring unique style to every character, Joe has been key in giving every project legs to run. Joe is an illustrator and designer from London. He too enjoys Spooky things and can often be found doodling all sorts of monsters in his spare time. Find out more about him at the online portfolio of Joe Holdsworth.If you have any enquiries, don’t be shy…get in touch!

Jos Harrison

Found moonlighting corporate world this incredibly emotive artist has brought a passion and beauty to every character with enviable technical skill.
 Jos’ gentle artistic nature combined with his strong work ethic and even stronger humanitarian principals make him a great asset to Thirteen BroomsticksJos is a designer, aspiring to be an artist - because he thinks that’s infinitely cooler! He illustrates because it makes him happy - and because it’s a chance to sit down once in a while! Most of his inspiration comes from a childhood (mis)spent reading fantasy and graphic novels - so if you see a passing resemblance to Gandalf or Batman in any of his characters, you know why!

Jack McDougall

An artist born and bred, Jack has many skills under his belt, from set-design, puppet making, painting and illustration he comes to Thirteen Broomsticks as a true all-rounder. From a family of accomplished artists, academics and thespians, Jack is naturally gifted in all his endeavours.

Michael ‘Panda Man’ Branagh

Contact details and more bio to follow.

Joe Sangre

Contact details and more bio to follow.

Flashbang Studio

We loved helping Thirteen Broomsticks and Dylan Mackenzie on creating their visual style and branding and had great fun filming the launch of Dylan's first book 'Spooky Sarah Spiderlegs' - Flashbang Studio

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"Beware of artists. They mix with all classes of society and are therefore most dangerous."

Queen Victoria